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Aaron Sojourner

Assistant Professor, Department of Work and Organizations

Aaron Sojourner completed his PhD in economics at Northwestern University. He also has an MA in public policy analysis from the University of Chicago and a BA in history from Yale University. Research interests include the econometrics of peer effects and topics in labor economics such as the economic and political effects of labor unions, human capital investment policies, and behavioral consumer finance. Complementing his research interest, Sojourner has a wide range of organizing and policy experience.

Research Interests

  • Leveraging online social-network data to affect consequential off-line economic and political behavior
  • How membership-based organizations can strengthen engagement by current and potential members
  • Improving public-service organizations’ operational performance

Related Publications

Sojourner, A. Identification of Peer Effects with Missing Peer Data: Evidence from Project STAR. Accepted at Economic Journal.

Sojourner, A. (2013) Do Unions Promote Electoral Office-Holding? Evidence from Correlates of State Legislatures' Occupational Shares. Industrial & Labor Relations Review. 66(2).