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William Li

Professor, Supply Chain and Operations

Professor William Li received his BSc in Applied Mathematics from the Tsinghua University in China, and both his MS and his PhD in Statistics from the University of Waterloo in Canada. After he graduated in 1995, he worked in the Reliability Methods Department as a reliability engineer at Ford Motor Company and won the 1996 Customer-Driven Quality Award at Ford. In 1996 he joined the Operations and Management Science Department at the University of Minnesota. He has taught international executive MBA courses in different programs in Austria, China, and Poland and won the 2006 Teaching Award of the Carlson School of Management. He is an invited professor at Fudan University and has taught executive MBA courses for the School of Management at Fudan. His research articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of American Statistics Association, Technometrics, Journal of Quality Technology, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, and Neural Computation.

Dr. Li’s research interests include the optimal design of industrial experiments, robust designs, efficient computer experiments, data mining, and conjoint analysis and design of discrete choice experiments. Among his publications is a textbook “Applied Linear Statistical Models” (with Kutner, Nachtsheim, and Neter), 5th Edition, Irwin.

Research Interests

  • Conjoint analysis
  • Choice experiments
  • Experimental designs
  • Quality improvement

Related Publications

“Applied Linear Statistical Models,” (5th edition), by Kutner, Nachtsheim, Neter, and Li, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2005

Li, W., Nachtsheim, C.J., Wang, K., Reul, R., and Albrecht, M. (2013), “Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice Experiments for Quality Improvement,” Journal of Quality Technology 45(1), 74–99.

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