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Nora Paul

Director, Institute for New Media Studies

Related Publications

When Nerds and Words Collide: Essays on the Development of Computer-Assisted Reporting. Paul, Nora, 1999.

The changing role of the news librarian: use of the Internet worldwide: Paul, Nora, Information Sources for the Press and Broadcast Media, 1999.

Great Scouts: CyberGuides for Subject Searching on: Paul, Nora, IV , 1999.

Computer Assisted Reporting and Research: Paul, Nora, News Writing and Reporting for Today's Media, 1999.

Cases and Commentaries: The Big Issues: Liability, Quality Control, and Security: Paul, Nora, Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 1998.

New Media Matter(s). Paul, Nora, Laura Ruel, INMS, 2002.

Survey of Newsroom Information Practices: Paul, Nora, Kathleen A Hansen, Betsy Neibergall, Newspaper Research Journal, 24 , 2003.

Behind the Message: Information Strategies for Communicators. Paul, Nora, Kathleen A. Hansen, Longman, 2003.



  • development and testing of digital story forms
  • digital game research
  • news informatics
  • online journalism and strategic communications