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News & Events

News & Events

Ravi Bapna Counts Down Big Data

The February 1st Tuesday event brings alumni and business leaders to campus.

Social Networks are the New “Macro-scopes of Human Behavior”

University researchers see massive adoption of online social apps as “radically new instrumentation”

Srivastava's Start-up Raises $2.8 Million to Predict User Behavior

Professor Jaideep Srivastava's research on massive multiplayer online gaming sparks new company, Ninja Metrics.

A Visit to Facebook Headquarters

Sean Taylor invited Ravi Bapna to visit the Facebook campus and present to the data science team.

Online Controlled Experiments: Introduction, Insights, Scaling, and Humbling Statistics

Ron Kohavi from Microsoft gave the keynote address at the 2013 Computer Science & Engineering Technology Forum.

Quest for Content: Dual Network Structures Help People Find the Content and Products They Want

Gal Oestreicher-Singer opened the 2013-14 SOBACO Speaker Series on October 4th. Her research explores the connections between product networks and social networks, and how the two interact to facilitate content exploration.

Big Data Landscape: Technology, Economy, Society

Ravi Bapna opens 2013-14 season of Headliners at U of M College of Continuing Education.

Our Data, Ourselves: The Case of Taxis and Driver Behavior

Ramayya Krishnan shares a case where data analysis and modeling predict individual behaviors.

Building a Socially Savvy Brand in a Data-rich, Hyper-connected World

Ravi Bapna discusses the science of social networks, and how they can be studied and used to build better brands and marketing campaigns.

Businesses Must Move Beyond "Small n" Thinking

Ravi Bapna discusses why businesses should avoid social media hype in favor of a more scientific approach in this appearance on Greater MSP Business TV .