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Kingshuk K. Sinha

Professor of Supply Chain and Operations
Mosaic Company Professor of Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Sinha’s areas of research interests are: management of technology and innovation, global supply chain management, quality management, health care supply chain management, and responsible supply chain management. The overarching question that motivates his inquiries is, How should global supply chains of goods and services be designed and managed responsibly? His inquiries are predominantly empirical in that they involve collection, analysis, and interpretation of data from real world operational settings. The empirical settings of Dr. Sinha’s projects include the high-tech, health care/medical, retail, food, and energy/oil and gas industries.

Current projects related to the SOBACO initiative include managing technology via which firms connect, coordinate, and collaborate with customers and trading partners in a supply chain; disruptions (e.g., recalls) and process and technology integration in health care supply chains; and health care supply chain design for underserved communities in developing and developed countries with a focus on improving the quality and affordability of care, and reducing the disparities in the delivery of care.

Dr. Sinha has been actively engaged in mentoring graduate student research and has advised 15 PhD dissertations to date.

Dr. Sinha’s papers have appeared in top-tier academic journals such as Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Information Systems Research, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Decision Sciences, and Journal of Service Research.

Among his most recent scholarly recognitions include the Carlson School of Management Annual Faculty Research Award in 2011. Other recognitions include the Journal of Operations Management’s Best Paper Award, the Stan Hardy Award for the Best Published Paper in Operations Management, the Decision Sciences Institute’s Best Theoretical and Empirical Research Paper Award, the Decision Sciences journal’s Best Paper Award, and the IBM Best Paper Award from the Production and Operations Management Society. His research projects have been funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Carlson Family Foundation, American Hospital Association, and several corporate foundations. He serves as the senior editor of Decision Sciences and the Production and Operations Management.

Related Publications

“IT capability for health care delivery: Is more better?” (with A. Dey and S. Thirumalai) forthcoming in Journal of Service Research (Special issue on “IT-related service”).

“To personalize or not to personalize the online purchase interactions: Implications of self-selection by retailers,” (with S. Thirumalai) forthcoming in Information Systems Research.

“Product recalls in the medical device industry: An empirical exploration of the sources and financial consequences,” (with S. Thirumalai) Management Science 57(2), February 2011.

“Customization of the Online Purchase Process in Electronic Retailing and Customer Satisfaction: An Online Field Study,” (with S. Thirumalai) Journal of Operations Management 29(5), July 2011.

“Customization strategies in electronic retailing: Implications for customer purchase behavior,” (with S. Thirumalai) Decision Sciences 40(1), 2009.