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Evidence to Advance

The rapid rise of social media and Big Data analytics has promised big benefits: stellar profits thanks to troves of data, winning product ideas culled from the crowd, viral campaigns that deliver new customers, and armies of social media fans turned brand evangelists. But pitfalls lurk where companies misunderstand how human behavior and technical platforms intersect.

High-caliber Research to Pinpoint, Prove, and Predict

It's time to separate the hype from actual evidence. Successful businesses recognize the limitations of anecdotal thinking and instead seek empirically tested research that proves how people, markets, and phenomena behave under different circumstances. The kind of evidence that can be used, adapted, and implemented for potentially game-changing impact.

The Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO) helps partner organizations define and solve critical-path research questions. By studying large-scale network and non-network data, conducting experiments, and applying advanced analytical techniques, SOBACO research experts discover true causal relationships and build sophisticated predictive models.

Co-create New Knowledge and Business Value for the 21st Century

Interested companies can join SOBACO as industry partners and connect with University scholars. Our industry partners bring tough business challenges, domain expertise, and real data to the conversation. University experts bring various econometric, computational, and experimental methodologies, as well as a commitment to unbiased research. Together, we co-create new knowledge and business value for today’s data-rich, socially networked world.

Explore the Leading Edge of Research in Social Media and Big Data

Industry partners share in a relationship built on mutual learning and discovery. They have access to leading data scientists, University experts, and skilled students. Partners help set the research direction for the collaborative and see early-stage work before it's publicly available.

Contact SOBACO at to learn more about partnership opportunities.