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Teaching Cases with Data and Analytics

Teaching Cases with Data and Analytics

We now offer teaching cases with an emphasis on data, business analytics, social media, and related topics. Developed in cooperation with faculty at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere, these cases have been used in graduate level analytics courses, MBA programs, and executive education courses around the world.

Mall of America Gains Insights from Wi-Fi Data

New for May 2017 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas and Ravi Bapna

Includes: case narrative, data set, teaching notes, and technical analysis doc.


Data-driven Customer Insights at Sun Country Airlines

New for May 2016 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas and Ravi Bapna

Includes: case narrative, data set, teaching notes, and technical analysis doc.


High Note’s Freemium Conundrum

Case ID # SOBACO-2014-01-2 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas and Ravi Bapna

​Freemium models are widely used, especially by makers of digital services and platforms; however, companies struggle to execute freemium models in a sustainable way. This case uses real data from an online music listening service to frame business questions related to freemium, as well as to explore data-driven decision making. Students will discuss the challenges of maintaining balance between attracting and retaining users, subsidizing free users through advertising sales, and maximizing the more profitable premium subscriptions. (Includes: case narrative, data file, data dictionary, teaching notes, step-by-step teaching plan, technical analysis doc.)


Cloverleaf Search Engine Marketing

Case ID # SOBACO-2014-02-1 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas and Anindya Ghose

Explores paid search advertising, organic search, keyword bidding, ranking, click-through rates, and conversions. Uses real data from a general retail merchandiser. Asks students to optimize a marketing budget to get the best results and minimize cost. (Includes: case narrative, data file, data dictionary.)


Digital Attribution at W.M.Winters

Case ID # SOBACO-2014-03-1 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas and Anindya Ghose

The transition to digital channels, challenges marketers to develop more sophisticated models for assessing the effectiveness of multiple interrelated channels. Students consider various attribution models and use a real data set to assess the strengths and weaknesses of those models. (Includes: case narrative, data file, data dictionary, data solution, instructor resource deck on digital attribution.)


Building a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Case ID # SOBACO-2015-01-1 | Authors: Lee C. Thomas, Gordon Burtch, and Ravi Bapna

Students consider crowdfunding as a possible strategy to support entrepreneurs, start-ups, and new product launches. Asks students to compare and contrast crowdfunding with traditional funding options. Raises issues of campaign design, incentive strategies, and risks and pitfalls of crowdfunding. Includes real data from a large crowdfunding platform students can explore for insight into how different platform features and campaign components affect outcomes.(Includes: case narrative, data set, processed data, predictive model, pre-processing steps, technical analysis document, sample student solution.)


MN Wild Social Media Strategy

Case ID # COMIS-2012-01-1 | Authors: Joseph Moses, Ravi Bapna, and Norman L. Chervany

Explores organizational use of social media as a means to engage customers and drive sales. Topics include definitions of engagement, how different types of social media content affect sales, and use of data derived from social media platforms.(Includes: case narrative, case questions for analysis, multiple data sets, teaching notes, sample student analyses.)


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